Fees & Exams

Fees are required to be paid in advance for a term through our online booking system.
Fees are non-refundable and existing payments would be transferred to continue normal classes in an online format in any change to government guidelines, for example a lockdown scenario.
In an event you were to leave the school, your fees would be non-refundable if you have already signed up to, and paid for, your classes.

We calculate and adjust fees in line with the number of weeks within the term. We run in line with the school term timetable.

The ISTD has confirmed that all examinations will continue regardless of any changes to government guidelines (e.g. in lockdowns). In these instances, the ISTD would expect students to continue their training online to uphold existing standards for examinations. In the instance that students who have exams booked do not attend in person, or online classes, we hold the right to withdraw students from these exams and the fee will be lost. Examination fees are paid to the ISTD in advance of the exam as per their policy, resulting in the exam fee becoming non-refundable.


Trial lessons are available for all classes and levels. To book click here. Each trial class costs £8. Taking part in a trial class would allow you and your child to get a feel for the school and also to see if dance is something you’d like to try.

Covid 19 Clauses

Attending Class

Children may ONLY attend class if they are clear of any Covid19 related symptoms such as:

  • A new, continuous cough
  • A high temperature/fever of 38°C or above
  • Any change or loss of sense of smell or taste

If your child displays any symptoms of Covid19, they must not attend class until they can present a negative PCR test, or two lateral flow tests (LFT).

Hand sanitiser will be posted at every venue – in and outside of the studio. Students will be asked to sanitise upon entering class, when exiting and will be available throughout lessons for top-up.

All uniform must be washed before the next session – this is to ensure the removal of germs. No school coats are allowed on the venue to prevent spread from school to dancing.

Masks are no longer compulsory in entering and exiting the venues, however if you and your child feel more comfortable to wear masks we would always welcome this.

If any members of your household have COVID-19, please let us know and your child must not attend classes until the isolation period has ended, regardless of their LFT or PCR test result. As we have students from different schools we feel this is the safest way to protect our kdad family. Whilst your child is at home they may continue dance classes via the Band App where all classes are listed. Your fees cover the use of the app when required.

If you would like the link please contact us at [email protected]

Changes in Government Guidelines

In the scenario that the government implements further restrictions which result in physical classes being stopped, all fees would be transferred to allow students to continue to attend class in an Online Setting.

Throughout 2020, we used Zoom to attend classes. We found it to work excellently and allowed students to continue their training through uncertain times. In the instance of this happening, full communication would be given to parents and students, and we will work in the best way possible to make it happen.

At current, we have taken advice from new government guidance on providing out of school activities, with particular attention to additional provisions around Drama, Dance and Performing Arts activities.

Risk Assessments and Covid Training

Kelli Dixon Academy of Dance Covid Safe Risk Assessment –

Covid Safe Training (Kelli Dixon-Norrington) – View here

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