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Here are some of the more common questions that parents ask us. You should be able to find the answers to all your questions here, and if not then please contact us.

What are the term dates?

All term dates and times can be viewed on our Timetable page.

What does my child need to wear?
If you are a new student, please wear something comfortable to move in – Tshirt and Leggings/Shorts are the best option, as well as bare feet to dance in. Dance uniform can be purchased when your child is certain about joining the school for classes and will be as follows:
Girls Baby Dance – Grade 3 (Ballet & Tap)
Plum-Red Leotard and Dance Skirt (purchased directly from Kelli)
Pink Ballet Socks (Baby Dance – Grade 1)
Pink Ballet Tights (Grade 2 + )
Dance Shoes appropriate for style (Pink Ballet Shoes, White Tap Shoes (Pre-Primary – Grade1) , Black Tap Shoes (Grade 2 +))
Girls Grade 4+ (Ballet & Tap)
Black Leotard
Pink Ballet Tights
Dance Shoes (Pink Ballet Shoes, Black Tap Shoes)
Black Warm Up shorts can be worn over leotard
Boys (Ballet & Tap)
White Boys Leotard
Black Dance Shorts or Trousers
Black or White dance socks
Dance shoes appropriate for style (Black Ballet Shoes, Black Tap Shoes)
Modern (Girls)
Blue Modern Leotard
Black Tights
Jazz Shoes
Modern (Boys)
KDAD Tshirt
Black Dance Trousers/Shorts
Jazz Shoes
Stage School/Street (All)
Black KDAD Stage School Tshirt
Black Leggings/Dance Trousers
Jazz Shoes
Adult Ballet & Tap/Tone-Zone/Prima Pilates
Wear something comfortable to move in i.e. Leggings and Tshirt. Ballet leotard is optional for adult class. 
All students are able to purchase Pink KDAD Sweatshirts and Tshirts to wear over dance uniform for class. These will also be required for Shows, Performances and Awards Day. Dance Shoes can be purchased from local dance shops.
Hair and Jewellery
Students with long hair are asked to tie this up out of their face for class – for ballet this should be in a ballet bun style for girls.
Please ensure that your child does not wear jewellery to class for safety. 
Does my child need to bring food or a drink?

Please make sure your child brings a drink with them for refreshment during the class – ideally not fizzy, food only advised on long rehearsals

What happens on my childs first day?

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of the class with your child dressed accordingly and ready to go! Once children arrive at the venue they are walked through to the studios by one of our staff.

Parents should arrive promptly at the end of the class and let us know if they are going to be late or if someone else is picking up their child.

Can i stay and watch my child dance?
We find that children concentrate and develop more confidence on their own. 
Parents are invited to watch on open days and Award days.
In the current climate, we are not able to have any parents in for any events unless it’s for BabyDance/Pre-School

If you wish to leave the premises and collect your child at the end of the class, please wait until your child has been signed in and entered the studio. Please arrive promptly to collect them at the end.

Also, ensure all contact details are kept up to date.

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