In light of the new government month-long lockdown, we are delighted to still be able to offer our classes VIA ZOOM from Thursday 5th November through to and inclusive of 2nd December. During the first lockdown in spring, this method of teaching was effective, intimate and enjoyable for students.
For those attending classes Monday 2nd, Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th please come to class as normal.


Anyone accessing classes not invited will be removed immediately. 

Please note that there have been some changes to our timetable – particularly Tuesday Stage School Classes. This allows us to make the most of our zoom classes over the next few weeks. Our amended timetable is at the end of this newsletter.

Things to think about for zoom classes:
Dance Space and Floor Surfaces
Take the time to make the right space for dancing; be careful you will not be hitting any furniture or toys etc. Also think about the floor you are dancing on, particularly with tap. Tap shoes can be extra slippery compared to ballet shoes and could scratch your floors. If your child attends tap class, they can wear their school shoes, ballet shoes, or tap on a carpet/mat if you feel this would be safer for them.
Pointe students should also consider the surface they are using to both protect your shoes and toes.

Uniform & Shoes
Please continue to wear your regular dance uniform for your classes – it is the most suitable attire for your classes and maintains some normality for our students attending their classes.
Make sure you have a drink close by for the duration of your class, we will be able to take breathers and get a drink during class.

 Getting Set up on Zoom
The Zoom app is free to download to computers/laptops/phones/iPads so please do ensure that you have the app ready to go for your class with a secure internet connection. The links and passwords you will be given via text message will be the same every week.

Parents, please do say hello on your first zoom classes – this assures us that you are set up in the best way for classes and that your child is ready to go.
For our younger students up to the age of 10 we would ask that you are in the room with your child during class for safeguarding reasons and if any technical challenges arise. We welcome parents of any age student to be in close proximity for the same reasons as above.

Band App
To support your classes there are pre-recorded classes and exercises in the band app, These are available any time of day for you or your child to access and really helpful towards exams, once we return to the studios access is still available continuously.

We have 2 groups in the app please join both.
‘Kelli Dixon Academy of Dance group on BAND for ISTD Ballet, Tap, Pointe Work
‘K.D.A.D Stage School’ group on BAND for ISTD Modern, Stage School

We want to thank you for your continued support throughout these strange times and we are looking forward to continuing teaching our students through Zoom to help keep their lives as ‘normal’ as possible. Keep smiling and we will be back in the studios as soon as possible

If you have any questions please contact the KDAD Office on:
[email protected] or 07535 010525

Keep up to date with our news on Facebook:
Parents Closed Group
Kelli Dixon Academy/Kdad public page
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BabyDance public page
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Amended Timetable

10.00-10.40am  Baby Dance 3 mths-3 years
4.15-5.00 Grade 6 Ballet
5.00-5.35 Intermediate Tap
5.35-6.15 Advanced 1 Tap
6.15-6.45 Pointe
6.45-7.45 Intermediate/Adult Ballet
7.45-8.25 Adult Tap

3.45-4.15 Little Street Kids age 3-7 years
4.30-5.30 K.D.A.D Stage age 4-11
5.45-6.25 Street Dance age 8+ years
6.25-7.25 K.D.A.D Stage age 12+

9.00-9.30 Nursery Ballet
10:00-10:40 Baby Dance 3 mths – 3 years
11.00-11.40 Baby Dance 3 mths – 3 years

4.00-4.30 Primary Modern
4.30-5.00 Grade 1 Modern
4.30-5.00 Drama Group (with MISS B)
5.00-5.30 Grade 2 Modern
5.30-6.05 Boys Class (with JAMES-TOBIAS & RICHARD)
5.30-6.05 Grade 3 Modern
6.10-6.50 Grade 4 Modern
6.50-7.35 Grade 5 Modern
7.40-8.20 Intermediate Modern
8.20-9.00 Advanced 1 Modern

9.00-9.30 Pre-School Ballet
9.30-10.00 Pre-Primary Ballet
10.00-10.30 Pre-Primary Tap
10.30-11.00 Primary Ballet
11.00-11.30 Primary Tap
11.30-12.00 Grade 1 Ballet
12.00-12.30 Grade 1 Tap
12.35-1.05 Grade 2 Ballet
1.05-1.35 Grade 2 Tap
1.35-2.10 Grade 3 Tap
2.10-2.50 Grade 3 Ballet
2.55-3.30 Grade 4 Tap
3.30-4.15 Grade 4 Ballet
4.15-4.55 Grade 5 Tap
5.00-5.30 Pointe
5.30-6.15 Grade 5 Ballet

12.00-4.00 Drama 1/2 Hour 1-1 (with MISS B)


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