What a great year we have had so far at KDAD! Some of our highlights include:

  • The Show! – Congratulations to all of the students who took the stage for the show. Everyone worked incredibly hard to make it a success and you all shined brightly on the stage each night. Also thank you to all of the chaperones, teachers, student teachers, and parents who helped the show run smoothly throughout. Thank you all so much.
  • Exams – After the show, students returned to class to train for examinations in the recent summer term. Students studied in class, and for some during 1-1 lessons in addition to their classes. Congratulations to the students that took their exams this term, and we will be looking for those who will be ready to take exams in the autumn and beyond.
  • Miss Kelli Examined in Greece – Miss Kelli has been examining students in Greece for 20 years and continues to jump at the opportunity when possible. It’s a great opportunity to meet students overseas and watch their dance training progress.
  • In-Class Assessments – All students have been assessed in class during the summer term, with certificates presented in the last classes of term before summer break. Well done everyone for coming back to syllabus work quickly following the show and continuing to work hard and enjoy your dancing in all styles.

There is availability for 1-1 dance classes through the summer for those looking to continue training with Miss Kelli across summer break. There will also be some availability on Saturdays from September. If you are interested in taking 1-1s, or would like more information please contact Kelli directly on 07956696509.

There are also some exciting things to look forward to after Summer:

  • The Shaftesbury Theatre with Young Performers – On Sunday 8th October, students from our Stage School and some of our Senior Students will be invited to perform at a West End Theatre. It is an exciting opportunity for these students, and one they will remember for a long time.
  • Christmas Performances – On Friday 8th December, some students will perform as part of a short Christmas Display (more details will follow on this!). And then on Sunday 10th December, we return to Savill Garden for Christmas carols.
  • Disneyland Paris 2024 – Following our last 2 incredible shows at Disneyland Paris, we have been invited to return for a third year! Students will be invited to audition for the Disney Performance Team in due-course. To be eligible students must be 10+, and be able to commit to Tuesday/Wednesday/Saturdays + some Fridays as the performance approaches.

If you and your child would like to be involved in some of these types of performances in the future, your child will need to take part in Stage School + 1 other dance class as their training.

Once again, thank you for an amazing year (so far!) at KDAD and Stage School. It’s really key that you keep practicing over the summer and refocus in class come September. It is always important to encourage children to dance, but not to pressure them; Each student is different and learns at different pace depending on the number of classes they take and how quickly they learn and take corrections.

Enjoy your summer break, and I look forward to welcoming you back to class in September. If you need to contact the school over summer please use 07535010525.


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